Gary Coates The Colorist


Ello everyone, 

Hows it going? Well I must say I had the greatest pleasure to tell you that I was able to get the chance to have a special lecture with the one and only Gary Coates. Gary has worked in the Color Correction aspect of the Film Industry for quite a while and the best part is, he is LOCAL to the San Francisco Area. What was really cool about Gary was he got to teach my class a 2 hour little lecture on what he does as a color grader. The best part was when he actually used examples from some the senior films and change the color or make it better with only a few simple steps. AMAZING!!!! What was also amazing was how Gary was very kind enough to give us his own personal Color Grader Tool-Kit he made in FCP so we can use it on out films. What a sweet heart! I don’t think I know anybody else who would do that  and give to a bunch of inspiring filmmakers. 

Here are some of his Recent Works and Demonstrations that he has done. Have any of you meet someone in the Color Correction part of the industry? Have they helped you in any way? Who have you met? Let me know



             Alyssa G


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