The Best New Show this Year – Once Upon a Time

I must say if you haven’t seen this show please watch it. It is amazing!

Being A Fan

Sometimes you know a show is going to be great. This fall when I saw the commercials for Once Upon a Time you knew I was going to start watching and it was going to be amazing. A couple of reasons for this: one the creators were writers on Lost. I did not watch Lost but from everything I can tell the show had an amazing twist ending and had some intriguing storylines over the six seasons of the show. Next for me at least three strong female lead characters. Ginnifer Goodwin was cast as Snow White/ Mary Margaret Blanchard and I will post late about how much I love her acting. Jennifer Morrison plays Emma Swan and she is supposed to save Storybrook from the curse. The curse has been placed on all the fairy tale characters by the evil Queen Regina. Regina Mills is the mayor…

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