In Time

Ello everyone,

How are all of you! Well I just wanted to finally let you all know about the film that I watched which was In Time. Do you know what this movie was? A MODERN remake of Bonnie and Clyde. IT WAS AMAZING! and Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried are a great together. I saw so many similarities between the Bonnie & Clyde and In Time, but definitely In Time was more for a social justice than just for the hell of it. Maybe I like it so much more was because of how the characters developed in the story and the ending left it open for a possible sequel… maybe. But yeah, thats all I really wanted to say about it. I would love to get into more details about the movie, but I really don’t think you guys would like to read a whole essay on how much I appreciated the film and the linkage to film history. Well if you guys have any questions to ask me or want to know what I specifically liked, let me know! I love answering questions.

Anyways hope you ย all have a great night.


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